10 things to say to my daughter!

At this moment, my daughter is sitting in her pajamas. It's 8:30 this morning, and she plays with her dolls in her room. She is thorough, and does not care about boys, what she wears, her thinness / size, or what she says.

I wish she could remain that pure and innocent little girl, forever, Everything will become very real, very soon. There are so many things I want to tell him!

1. Let yourself be tempted

Eat chocolate, get massage, make good dishes, light a candle, listen to Jean Jacques Goldman, Phil Collins. Even if you're the only one to enjoy it, do it. You have no reason to deprive yourself of it.

2. Dare, and do not do something against the heart

Sometimes we have to do things reluctantly, like folding clothes or shopping for a vacuum cleaner. I'm not talking about these things. I talk about important things: your career, your marriage, the place where you live, your style, your friends. Do these things with all your heart.

3. Distinguish between desire and value

When someone else wants you, it does not always mean that she likes you. She can so much desire you that you almost begin to believe she appreciates you, but these are two different things. If the person likes you, you'll know. If not, you'll know.

4. It is normal to be vulnerable

If someone breaks your heart or breaks a relationship with you and you collapse, crack in front of him if you want. Do not restrain yourself: cry, cry, tell her how you feel. If you collapse, tell him. Leave everything out, and leave. Do not tell him again; He has already heard the first time. Do not call her after drinking too much. You said what you had to say. Move on. Trust your girlfriends / buddies. Talk to me. If he wants to come back, he will.

5. Do not worry about your waist size

Be healthy, exercise restraint, and explore different physical activities. Eat real foods that make you feel alive. The size of your waist does not count. What is important is how we feel when we are here and how we make others feel.

6. Surround yourself with beautiful people and friends and Ris much

If your smoky eye makes you look like someone who has had a black eye, drop it. If you have a friend who makes you feel like a shit or betrays your trust, drops too. You should never feel obliged to anything. Above all, never try to convince someone of your worth.

7. Surround yourself with the right person

If he feels castrated by your job or your success, it is not worth it. Find a man who is more courageous than you. Or a girl. You have every right to do that.

8. Be indulgent to yourself and not compare yourself to others

Be indulgent to yourself. It is probably easier to believe a criticism than compliments. Do not forget that you become what you believe. Love yourself enough to concentrate on your gifts, your strengths. Do not feel guilty simply because you make a mistake.

9. Do not do things to please me. Your success is yours.

You are amazing. Yes, you really are. I am your mother, so I will always believe that, but I want you to believe it too. Really believe it. Do not wait for the validation of others.

10. Be passionate.