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Callimassage- Massages at home

Offer Simply Pass: 


My Family Pass offers 50% off during your first service of therapeutic massage or relaxation:Périmètre Rolle-Sullens-Lausanne:1h: 70.-instead of 140.-1h30: 90.-instead of 180.-Tarif special Préverengeois:1h: 60.-instead of 120.-1h30: 80.-instead of 160.-

Please specify your membership to the club My Family Pass .

Awarded a diploma physiotherapist, Gaëlle Vonlanthen proposes you massages in your place of residence (region Rolle-Morges-Lausanne).
The massages are intended for the women only.
Approved ASCA and Visana, what means that the care are paid off by certain additional insurances
 Massage relaxation
This massage is centred on an effect of relaxation and relaxation, it favors the blood circulation.
 Therapeutic massage
This massage uses the same techniques as the massage relaxation, but aims at relieving a pain in the specific region and will thus be concentrated on the concerned zone. He can be preventive, in parallel or after a therapeutic (care) or simply for your well-being.
 Massage duet
Take advantage of 2 massages for a single travel(movement)! An idea of present to be offered in
 Postnatal gym
Exercises of toning of the perineum and the abdominal muscles which the young mother can make from the birth of the baby. I propose training courses of 2 hours ( 3 levels).
 Gym of the abdominal belt
Exercises of toning of the perineum, the abdominal muscles and the back for all the women wishing to re-tone up their abdominal belt or to relieve their pains of back.

Gaëlle Vonlanthen
Lausanne et Vaud
Lausanne et Vaud