My Family Card


The Family Pass What is it? This is access to more than 250 addresses with local artisans and businesses.

The objective: to promote the addresses to all those who wish to (re) discover them and support the development of the My Family Pass network

It is a card offering you advantages, discounts and gifts for you and your children in French-speaking Switzerland.

YOUR FREE MY FAMILY PASS CARD valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Find the best addresses and support the development of My Family Pass;

ECONOMIC card: Many advantages with our partners
PRIVILEGE & UNIQUE card: A single card valid with all our partners

Discover shops, activities, leisure activities, courses for you and your family, beauty institutes, massage, wellness, yoga courses, and at each address:
- 50% discount for a treatment: massages for women, pregnant women, new mothers, babies, wellness centers, for foot beauty and other treatment
- 20% discount on shops, gifts, furniture, childcare equipment, leisure activities, courses, workshops,
- gifts when buying in stores,

The use is simple:

- Request your Pass My Family Pass card, Receive it and by email, photograph it or print it and present the card to the establishments
- Valid one year after your purchase date

Testimonials from customers who have the card: "Our My Family Pass card is extremely useful! I treated myself to a facial treatment at the Virginie beauty institute in Lausanne and I have already saved money! Thank you!" Julie
“Bravo! We will talk about it around us!” Vincent
“Thank you for all these tips and gifts!” Christiane

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