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Galaxy Massages for her

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Nothing beats a good massage to forget the worries of everyday

Relaxing - Californian Essences choice or wax candle warm ( 60 to 100 - . ) Relaxants or Californian massage relaxing massages , wellness -based oil Ideal for muscle tension and unwind . eliminate stress.De addition, essential oils used let you into a wonderful world of fragrances and emphasize the beneficial effect of massage.Ils can be also with warm candle wax , ideal for skin soft and fragrant .

Massage with oil BAMBOO Bamboo (80 - ).
This body ride oil and bamboo sticks with soft , firm and vibrant pressures, mobilizes energy in the body.The massage bamboo can vary from relaxing tonic , it is a fluid that restructures the body massage , redrawing , embellished leaving a wonderful feeling of lightness.

Full body scrub ( from 40 to 120 - . )
Body scrub for smooth and purified skin. Cores olive ground, almond oil and butter karité.Pourquoi proceed with body scrub ? Exfoliation is beneficial for our body because it helps our skin to get rid of all the impurities that clog pores. Over the years dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin .
What are the benefits of the body scrub ? The body scrub is a kind of cleaning which aims to eliminate all elements that prevent the proper functioning of the skin . This technique allows to find the satin look and radiance . In addition to the removal of dead cells, exfoliation also stimulates blood microcirculation of the skin.
The body scrub is a must for keen on beauty , this treatment is also essential for those who are conscious of their health care peau.Ce is followed by a relaxing massage

Tantra massage ( from 100 - . )
This massage is an introduction that encompasses and harmonizes , balances the energy level , relational and spiritual with the following effects :
- Soothes and calms - Develops body awareness - Awaken the senses of touch, sharpens the perceptions and listen to your body - Promotes flow of energy - Restores tone to Libido - Increase awareness of emotions and promotes expression - Increases self-esteem and self - enhancement Learning to love her body - Helps open-mindedness - Helps awareness and acceptance of its sensations.

Discover this technique derived from a mixture of Californian massage , relaxing intuitive , adaptable to each person according to his need .
Session time = 75 min. This massage is given the floor on a mattress .

Galaxy Massages
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