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Lactobijou - Bracelets breastfeeding

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Lactobijou offers beautiful bracelets breastfeeding .
These are gems , created expressly for the pretty moms who feed their babies ...
" I loved wearing this little bracelet out of motherhood with my baby. This was a little gem in our both ... I kept it as a souvenir of those moments of tenderness and it is always a pleasure to pick one for my friends new moms ... "
With its small bracelet, Mom always know when Baby ate last and which side it will start to suck. Its operation is very simple.
 The hours are marked on the figures and these beads are separated by 4 fancy beads that represent the quarters of an hour . At each meal Baby to mark the time , simply place the small pendant hook on the right place to put the bracelet on the left or right arm , according to the side where Baby will begin his meal.
Breastfeeding on demand is shown the first few weeks and thanks to this ingenious system , Mom can understand the rhythm of her baby.
Little by little, baby will have more regular schedules and may see its progress. Later, he will have fun fiddling with colorful beads bracelet for her meal !
And when the bracket is closed milky sweetness , the jewel will be a memory to treasure ...
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